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Bladder Suspension
With women who experience incontinence due to stress (laughing, sneezing or coughing that lead to loss of urinary control) a minor surgery can performed to minimize accidents. Your doctor will put you under anesthesia, make small incisions to the groin and vagina and insert a piece of materiel (the type of product used is chosen by your physician) to cradle the urethra and strengthen it during times of stress. When you wake up you will have a catheter. It may stay in for just a few hours or you may keep it over night.
Bladder Suspension
At times when the bladder or bladder neck moves slightly out of place or the bladder neck becomes weak, a bladder suspension can be completed to minimize urinary leakage-a typical symptom of a weak or out-of-place bladder. With this procedure your physician can replace the bladder and strengthen the bladder neck to minimize incontinence.